May 6th – Bye, Bye Chesterfield…

Packing, checking, panicking – what have we forgotten to cram into Riley Blue…? Too late now, we shall be heading south within an hour or two before our departure from Land’s End on Thursday morning.

One question we were asked several times by people we met in Chesterfield yesterday was,
“How many of you are going?”
“Just the two of us” we replied with a smile, “it’s all our own idea.”

Some thought we were brave, some thought we were crazy but all wished us well on our trip.

Now I’ve begun to master the technology and learnt how to ‘tweet’ you’ll be able to ‘follow me’ on Twitter – @davidpipes49 is where you’ll find me.

Nobles Detailing Services of Sheffield have generously offered to valet Riley Blue after our trip. I hope they know what they’re letting themselves in for, classic cars can be a ‘muck magnet’! My grateful thanks to them.

Au revoir.

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