May 8th – Wet and windy.

08:00 The final leg of our trek to Lands End and the day has dawned wet and windy – a good thing I applied more Rain-X to Riley Blue’s windscreen yesterday. We’ll be making steady progress west on the A30, hopefully dodging the worst of the rain on our way to tonight’s stop near Land’s End.

20:30 We’ve arrived at ‘Sennen Rise’, tonight’s accommodation, to a very warm welcome and are relaxing after an eventful day. Torrential rain followed us all the way. Riley Blue powered on through the deluge but has suffered a problem that will need to be fixed before we depart tomorrow – no indicators.
We’ve arranged to call at St Just Garage in the morning, they’re optimistic they can sort it out – of course the one thing I didn’t put in my parts box was a spare flasher unit!

Today’s highlight was a personal one – I met my cousin John for the first time in over 40 years. Much catching up was done!
His wife, Cath, was delighted with Riley Blue as her father had once owned a Riley One-Point-Five; she enjoyed a short ride round the village green before we left.

Tomorrow we begin our LeJoG drive proper, after the obligatory photos of course. We will set off after a hearty Cornish breakfast, in wonderful weather with empty roads before us. One of those is certain, the other two – perhaps…

One thought on “May 8th – Wet and windy.

  1. Good luck you two. Looking forward to seeing you on the first half of the Tally Ho Classic Run on Sunday May 12th.


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