May 11th – Day 3: Rest Day

A break from driving today.

Riley Blue had a wash and polish prior to a photo call at Chesterfield Royal Hospital where Emergency Department staff took a few minutes’ break from their duties to greet us. Gael has arrived there several times to ‘blues and twos’ so our heartfelt thanks to them for the wonderful job they do.

‘Riley Blue at The Royal’

I’ve the usual checks to carry out on Riley Blue this afternoon before tomorrow morning’s drive into Sheffield for the 10:00 am start of the Buckingham Insurance Tally Ho Run from Weston Park Hospital.

In addition to the water / oil /air I’ll be inspecting the front lever-arm dampers and topping them up with oil if necessary. Yesterday’s corrugated roads really tested them to the limit, so much so that I awoke this morning with aching arms, due I am sure to the constant hammering through the steering column and wheel. Our roads, whether country lane or High Street, really are a disgrace. In the whole of our drive so far I can count the smooth surfaced, well-repaired sections on the fingers of one hand and still have three digits spare! Politicians at all levels should be ashamed.

We’ve only completed two days of our week long drive but it has given us the taste for similar adventures in the future. Once you’ve driven LeJoG via B-roads whatever follows has to be bigger and better – I have a cunning plan…

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