May 15th – Day 7: Mission Accomplished!

We made it!

We arrived at John O’Groats mid-afternoon to the sound of bagpipes playing ‘Scotland the Brave’; somehow it seemed an appropriate tune.

We left The Birches, our B&B in Dingwall, just after 9:30 and nipped to the local Tesco to refuel Riley Blue and one of our back-up petrol containers we’d used at the end of Day 4 after running dry on the approach to Haltwhistle.

We knew we were in for a treat today: great driving roads, spectacular scenery and perfect weather – we were not disappointed. Gael especially enjoyed today, with far fewer directions to read and turnings to look for she was able to see more of the scenery.

We stopped for morning coffee at the Falls of Shin Cafe and walked down to see the falls – no salmon leaping today (it’s one of the best places in Scotland to see them) though the falls themselves are quite spectacular.

The top of the Fall s of Shin.

Salmon gin anyone?

‘Smoked salmon’ – botanicals taken to a completely new level…

Onwards, ever onwards, to the north via The Crask Inn, turning east at
Altnaharra to drive on the north shore of Loch Naver through Bettyhill, Melvich, Thurso and Dunnet to our goal – John O’Groats.

Riley Blue deserves the spotlight. It has been a marvellous experience driving this heroic car from one end of Britain to the other. It has performed (minor electrical glitches apart) faultlessly and Gael and I have enjoyed every second of every mile in it.

Riley Blue takes a bow.

Much as we’ve enjoyed our trip, it has a serious aspect: to raise awareness of the wonderful work being done in treatment and cancer research at Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield and to show our great appreciation of the staff both there and at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. It’s probably true to say that neither of us would be able to lead such full and active lives had they not been so dedicated to their jobs.

This has been our way of saying ‘thank you’ to them. Please support our fund raising by making a donation:

Thank you.

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