June 24th: We have a winner!

With all the entries for our ‘Guess The Distance’ Competition checked against the actual mileage driven as verified by Google Timeline we can declare the winner but first, these are each day’s distances:

Thursday, May 9: Land’s End to Trowbridge – 229 miles
Friday, May 10th: Trowbridge to Chesterfield 222 miles
Saturday, May 11th: Rest Day
Sunday, May 12th: Chesterfield to Haltwhistle 213 miles
Monday, May 13th: Haltwhistle to Blairgowrie 223 miles
Tuesday, May 14th: Blairgowrie to Dingwall 193 miles
Wednesday, May 15th: Dingwall to John O’Groats 132 miles

Total Land’s End to John O’Groats via B-Roads distance = 1212 miles

The winner(s):
Christine and Geoff James from Ashcroft Guest House in Haltwhistle whose guess of 1178 was the closest.
Congratulations to them, the prize package will be heading their way soon.

We are sure that one prize will be warmly welcomed, he made has already made friends with one of their residents…

The overall distance: Chesterfield – Land’s End – John O’Groats – Chesterfield was 2,292 miles, a great achievement for Riley Blue however one question remains – what can we do to top that?

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