July 9th: Riley Blue gleams!

I’ve finally managed to take Riley Blue to Craig at Nobles Detailing in Leigh Street, Sheffield to be valeted following its return from John O’Groats and what a superb job he has done. Thank you Craig, RB has never looked so good.

Craig had kindly offered to rid the car of its coating of bugs and grime after its trip and the thorough wash, wax and protective coating he has given it will ensure it looks its best for many months to come. The only snag now is that it gleams so much that I’m reluctant to drive it!

As previously mentioned, our 2000+ mile trip was trouble-free mechanically with just a couple of minor electrical problems that were dealt with before we set off from Land’s End. However by the time we reached home it was apparent that the car’s suspension had taken a real pounding, not a complete surprise considering the state of some of the roads we’d been driving on.

As a consequence I decided that replacement dampers (Armstrong lever-arm) were needed all round, a job I entrusted to Steve Mckie. They, together with a missing bump stop, have made a great improvement to the ride which is now much less ‘floaty’ – Riley Blue is now ready for its next big adventure!

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