Within three days of arriving home we are off again, this time on the 90 mile Sherwood Restorations Classic Tour around the Ollerton / Tuxford / Southwell area of Nottinghamshire. We are the eighth car away from an entry of 43 and all is well until we are caught behind slower cars with no opportunity to pass through the winding lanes.

It is not, I must mention, a competitive event; it’s just that we drive faster than some others. Although we set off a minute apart, it’s easily possible to catch preceding cars and if there’s one six places ahead that is slower than those following – you get the picture… Never mind, it is good so see and talk with crews we know from previous events. The morning coffee stop at Thaymar’s Ice Cream is a real treat and Riley Blue performs faultlessly once again, naturally.

Shortly afterwards Covid-19 begins to flare up around the country and our local risk increases from ‘low’ to ‘medium’; plans for a late autumn / early winter getaway are put on hold and we look instead to 2021.

We enjoyed our week in Tenby so much we’re tempted to return after all, it’s only a six hour drive away.