Car preparation

En route from London to Edinburgh in 2010, Riley Blue ‘failed to proceed’.

Although we’d driven hundreds of miles in a day in Riley Blue, including to France, we hadn’t done it day after day for the week we’d be spending on LeJoG.

The car’s bodywork is in good shape and thanks to replacement seats it’s comfortable drive for long distances. Although we’d had a few issues initially and a couple of ‘lifts’ home as you can see above, reliability has improved a hundred fold though we felt it wise to make sure Riley Blue was up to the task ahead.

We’re very fortunate in having Steve McKie Sportscars in Chesterfield. Steve is a MG specialist – if you’re wondering why he looks after Riley Blue, the answer is simple, it has the same BMC B-Series engine found in early MGA sports cars.

We did’t intend to do much night driving during our trip but Steve uprated the electrical system to cope with any extra demands on it by replacing the dynamo with an alternator (alternators are far better at charging batteries than dynamos), at the same time the polarity was changed to negative earth. The braking system was overhauled and that, other than a major service and a box full of spares, was about it.