Our schedule takes us from Land’s End to John O’Groats in seven days, departing on Thursday, May 9th and arriving at our destination on Wednesday, May 15th. The dates have been chosen so that we can visit both hospitals en route; Chesterfield Royal Hospital on Saturday, May 11th and Weston Park Hospital on Sunday, May 12th.

Day 1: We leave Land’s End to snake across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset en route to our first night’s ‘shut-eye’ in Wiltshire; something we are sure to be looking forward to after our opening day on the road.

Day 2: By-passing Bristol and Bath we head northwards towards the Midlands. There are several routes we might take, some more direct than others, through Gloucestershire and onwards but there’s a huge obstacle in our way, Birmingham, should we go west or east of it?

Day 3: We spend the day in Chesterfield, visiting Chesterfield Royal Hospital and replenishing supplies. We may be less than half way through our LeJoG trip but it took two days to get to Land’s End in the first place – by the time we finally arrive back home we will have driven the length of England and Scotland twice!

Day 4: To Weston Park Hospital for the Crooked Spire Classic Tours ‘Tally Ho Classic Run’ which this year starts from the hospital and runs around south Yorkshire and north Derbyshire. Entrants’ cars leave from 11:00am and are also raising funds for Weston Park Cancer Charity. Gael and I will follow the ‘Tally Ho’ route until the lunch halt, then head northwards in the afternoon to our overnight stop near Hadrian’s Wall.

Day 5: Into Scotland! Tonight we shall be staying north of Perth however we’ll avoid Edinburgh and the Forth Road Bridge for a more rural route towards the Cairngorms.

Day Six: The choice of routes is less and sticking to B-roads adds almost 50 miles to our route but the further we go, the more picturesque the scenery, so it’s worth it. We pass an infamous battlefield before crossing the ‘Abhainn Nis’ heading west before we turn north once more.

Day Seven: Our final day and our route is almost due north, then north-east. Unfortunately we have to take an A-road part of the way, there is no alternative in the more remote parts of Caithness. We aim to reach John O’Groats mid-afternoon; have a cuppa, take some photos, buy a souvenir or two and then head south, our LeJoG adventure completed.

Except it doesn’t quite end there. Having driven all that way we’re then heading to Peebles for the Scottish Riley Enthusiasts’ ‘National Riley Weekend’ before finally heading home. It’s an event we’ve attended before and thoroughly enjoyed so we’re looking forward to relaxing with friends and to some Scottish hospitality. Only then will we head (reluctantly) towards Derbyshire and home – until the next time that is…